Our Services

We specialize in Excavation, Brush Clearing, and Pipe Camera work.

Our equipment list includes: excavators, track loader, rollers, scrapers, dozers, grader, skid loader, and back hoe. A Leica Robotic Total System allows us to quickly position plan coordinates on-site and then guide our machines during the excavation process. While we have the equipment and the skilled operators to provide a wide range of services, we specialize in three areas:

Excavation—including site preparation, storm water management, utilities, and waterways;

Brush Clearing—fence rows, field edges and pastures;

Pipe Camera—locate and troubleshoot pipes/conduit and troubleshoot problems.


We provide site preparation services for chicken/turkey houses and swine/dairy barns, including foundation work, storm water management (catch basins, retention/detention basins) and utilities. We also do manure pits and prep work for concrete and blacktop. We have experience with NRCS (National Resources Conservation Services) projects, including work on waterways and streams.

Check out our videos to see the Leica Robotic Total System in action.

Brush Clearing

Our brush grinder has a reach of 20 feet (high or deep) for clearing out fence lines and field edges. We can grind up anything that is above ground level, and you will be amazed at how quickly we can clean up an old fence row with minimal disruption of the ground surface.

Pipe Camera

Clogs, cracks, broken wires—you name it—our 300-foot pipe camera can find it, see it, and then locate it from above ground, accurately identifying the precise location of the problem, be it a cracked or clogged pipe, a broken wire in an underground electrical duct, or tree root damage. We can also record images or videos from the camera to assist in troubleshooting the problem and arriving at a solution. Our camera can fit into pipes or conduit 2” and larger.

Looking for a specialty service not listed?

Get in touch with us to see if it is possible for us to accomplish it for you.